Full and Lovely Lips

Feeling happy with the way your face looks is vital to moving through the world with confidence. Full and healthy-looking lips are essential to feeling confident and youthful.  At SDBotox our seasoned aesthetic nurses can give you the perfect pout with carefully placed lip fillers in Austin, Texas at our spa-like, soothing office.

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Achieve Natural, Lasting Beauty with Lip Augmentation

There are many ways that fillers can enhance, volumize, and contour the lips. Thin lips can become subtly fuller. Asymmetrical lips can be better balanced, creating an overall more harmonious appearance. The Cupid’s Bow can be defined, as well as the entire border of the lips. Fillers typically last between 8-12 months. Many patients return for touch-up treatments around 6-8 months after their initial treatment, which ensures that great results last for well over a year. 

What are the Benefits of Lip Augmentation? 

Lip augmentation offers diverse benefits, going beyond mere cosmetic enhancement. Key advantages include:

  • Enhanced lip volume and shape
  • Correction of asymmetry
  • Defined lip borders and Cupid's Bow
  • Reduction of fine lines
  • Tailored results
  • Minimal downtime

Am I a Candidate for Lip Augmentation? 

You may be a candidate for lip augmentation in Austin at SDBotox if:

  • You desire fuller lips or wish to correct asymmetry.
  • You seek to define your lip borders or enhance your Cupid's Bow.
  • You wish to reduce the appearance of fine lines around your lips.
  • Your overall health permits undergoing the procedure.
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What Happens During a Lip Filler Session?

Many worry that dermal fillers are painful, and avoid them for this reason. However, you will experience minimal discomfort when you’re working with a team like SDBotox that focuses on patient comfort and safety. Our Advanced Injectors use numbing agents prior to any dermal filler injections to make everything go as smoothly as possible. 

The filler is carefully injected into precise areas of the lip that are pre-determined during your consultation. The entire procedure takes 30-45 minutes for most patients, and you’ll notice improvements immediately. Results will only continue to look better as the filler settles and swelling goes down. 

Lip Augmentation Recovery

Like with any filler treatment, slight redness, swelling, or bruising is not uncommon near the injection site. These side effects typically disappear in the 2-3 days after your treatment. Some patients choose to ice their area and rest following the treatment, but many also resume their normal activities right after. Your expert team at SD Botox will provide you with clear aftercare instructions and answer any questions you may have before you leave.

Enjoy A Youthful, Attractive Smile

After receiving lip fillers in Austin with our team, you will love how shapely and defined your new lips look. Results vary based on your specific wishes, but in general, you can expect fuller, plumper lips that look amazing. Our team will work with you to determine the proper size and shape for your face, but rest assured that the outcomes will look great. 

Having a beautiful set of lips also has an overall rejuvenating effect on the entire face - leaving you looking and feeling your absolute best. Results for most last 8-12 months, and touch-ups may be needed to maintain your new look. 

You Deserve to Prioritize Yourself

When augmenting any part of the face, it is important to seek out licensed professionals who have consistently great results. This is the only way to avoid outcomes that look puffy, asymmetrical, or obviously ‘done.’ At SDBotox, our main focus is facial aesthetics, and we have thousands of happy patients all over the world. To find out how we can help you achieve the lips of your dreams, contact us today for a consultation.

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